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Bloomin' Flowers is something of a shopping secret in Albany. We are not on the main street and we're generally pretty modest, but we just keep delivering and building our loyal following. We thought long and hard about what our customers want: prompt, friendly service, creative flair,and value for money. We take great care over how bouquets are presented, and because we grow many of the blooms ourselves our customers can be assured that the flowers are fresher and will last longer when they get home.


Anzac Day 2015

Bloomin Flowers

April 25th 2015

What is Anzac Day?

April 25th, Anzac Day is one of the most important national commemorative occasions in Australia. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand services during the First World War.
This year will mark 100 years since the first landing of our Anzac troops on the shores of Gallipoli.


What does ANZAC stand for?

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers in those forces quickly became known as Anzacs, and the pride they took in that name endures to this day.

Places of interest : 

  1. Princess Royal Fortress -

  2. Mt Clarence - Desert Mounted Corps Memorial : Site of  Albany's Anzac Dawn service each year on 25th April.

  3. Padre White Lookout - Mt Clarence Memorial : Steel walkway structure located at the top of Mt Clarence.

  4. Ataturk Memorial " Ellen Cove Boardwalk" : overlooking the channel, scenic boardwalk that leads Albany CBD to Middleton Beach.

  5. Anzac Peace park : Princess Royal Drive ; CBD foreshore

  6. National Anzac Centre -

Visit Albany to Remember; further information on centenary event available at


Please be advised that "Bloomin Flowers" Spencer park Store will be closed on Anzac Day April 25th Due to commemorative events. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause on this date.