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Bloomin' Flowers is something of a shopping secret in Albany. We are not on the main street and we're generally pretty modest, but we just keep delivering and building our loyal following. We thought long and hard about what our customers want: prompt, friendly service, creative flair,and value for money. We take great care over how bouquets are presented, and because we grow many of the blooms ourselves our customers can be assured that the flowers are fresher and will last longer when they get home.


National Winner!

Bloomin Flowers

We have a Winner!

Bloomin flowers is delighted to announce and congratulate our Team mate 'Zoe Knox' for her recent achievement in Winning this year’s Wildflowers Australia National Student Floristry Competition.

Details of Competition

Award title  : National Winner of Category 1 : Wildflowers Australia’s Floristry competition

The status of the award (ie most coveted competition in Australia?): Category 1. Wildflower and foliage products (species tracing their origins to either Australia or South Africa) must account for a minimum of 75% of the total plant material used in the design, and up to 25% may be traditional/exotic or tropical flowers.

Number of competitors: 83

Format of the competition : Winner determined by marking schedule out of 100 points. Point’s broken into four categories. 
1. Interpretation of theme, designs notes and presentation. 25pt
2. Artistic aspects, elements and principles of design 35pt
3. Selection and condition of components 20pt
4. Construction and refinement 20pt

Entry Design by Zoe Knox :

Chatting with Zoe

What is next for Zoe in floristy: Wildflowers Australia run a yearly floristry completion for certificate III students, this particular competition had much interest for me as I work a great deal with native wildflowers in store and highly value their very unique form. I find them a pleasure to work with when creating floral designs for my customers. All product used within this design was locally grown and sourced throughout the great southern, majority of the product coming from our local wildflower suppliers "North Wildflowers" located in Wellstead WA. I will be moving on to compete certificate IV in the new year and await the opportunity to challenge myself and test my skills in future competitions.

What was the best thing about entering the competition: Working fulltime in a country florist can somewhat limit your creativity in a way that you tend to create designs and styles that you know your  customers will purchase, they want to walk away feeling that they have gotten value for money. Entering floristry competitions is a great way to not only test your skill nationally against others within the industry, but to also allow you to express ‘your own style’ or if you like ‘your personality’ in design. You are free to be creative whilst following the brief, there’s something wondrous about what you can achieve when you just try.

Where can you find more information on this Competition : click the link below